Black Animation Network, LLC. – Our objective is simply: “We want to feature as many projects and artists as possible to help promote your creative journey along with that of your peers in order to expand our collaborative creative outreach together.”

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Brenda Banks

Carole Holliday

Lillian Evans

Jackie Corley

Good Black News in Animation

Black Women Animate

Black Girl Animators

Sonya Carey

Black Women Literally in the Mix

Christa Carr

Carrie Hawks

Deborah A. Anderson

The Resource for the Animated Art, the News and the Study of Black Animation WORLDWIDE! Black Animation Network – Powerful World Animated Art featuring: Black Animators, Cartoons, Tutorials, Films and Stories on a global scale. To promote more interest and development in Black Animation Themes, Black Animators and Black Animated Characters throughout history. Black Animation, Black Animation, African American Animated, Black Animated, Black Animation Pros – African American Animations, Black Animation Network – WORLDWIDE High Definition Media, Black Animation Network – Black History

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