Dr . Stacy L. Smith | Marc Choueiti | Dr. Katherine Pieper
& Traci Gillig | Dr. Carmen Lee | Dylan DeLuca

Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative

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In Review:

Although this incredible study was completed and distributed over 5 years ago, it’s relevancy today is an absolute industry forecast of our current media, diversity and social change initiatives and/or a pathways through time that inspired a movement towards alternative strategies to pursue creative career equity.

Very little has changed in 2019 numerically, but accountability has changed notably.

In short, the industry diversity hiring numbers haven’t changed that much during these past 5 years according to similar studies since, but the artistic social media audience recognition, the independent project achievements, the new multi-media studio business ownership launches, the increased multi-media college enrollments and major awards and/or acknowledgements for diverse industry contributors have.

Okay, so that wasn’t “in-short” but WOW!!!

Just looking at some of the major advancements we have witnessed in this past year alone gives reason for optimism.

  • Peter Ramsey winning numerous awards and the 1st to win an Oscar for directing in his industry, record-breaking, record-breaking 375.5 million box office, animation “SpiderMan: Into The SpiderVerse”.
  • Jamaal Bradley award-winning animation “Substance” embodies artistic and real-life perseverance through achievement.

  • Karen Toliver EVP Creative for Sony Pictures Animation.

  • Lion Forge Animation becomes is launched with Chief Creative Officer Carl Reed.

  • Janet Mock makes history as the first Black trans woman to establish an overall deal with a major studio.

  • Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison “Hair Love” gives the industry a “Blow-Out Kit (Y’all see that) it’ll never forget nationally.

  • Mati Diop becomes the First Black Female Director in the Cannes Competition.

  • And even more optimistically, there was an estimated 35% increase in multi-media college enrollments for diverse student populations.

More to come…

The numbers from 2014 may not be far from our current numbers – industry-wise, but the “independent” seeds and the harvest of the past few years confirm that perseverance trumps resistance every time.

Over a decade ago, the simple phrase “Black Animation” didn’t find anything in a Google search. Seriously. We tried. This was one of our motivating factors in creating Black Animation Network. Google it today or any of the other diverse industry categories and you should find hundreds of options from how, who, what, when and where. Going forward together, we should find millions of options.

This will happen.