Hey Fam! I’m John Kennedy McCray, the Founder and Channel Moderator of Black Animation Network which started in 2007, and I’m a 3D animator best known for networking fellow animators around the world in elevating the study, recognition and celebration of diverse populations animation contributions. Every dollar raised I shared to continue this movement.

Here’s Why: At the time that I first launched BAN, there were very few options in a ‘Google Search’ for the study of black animation. I was informed of this by a 6th grade student that was in a nonprofit community multimedia after-school program that I founded.  That kid was hungry to master animation and looking for just more knowledge and inspiration. He asked, “Do you know any black animators? Can you name any movies that they made?” and on and on.
With great humility I humbly, admitted  “I had no idea…” on any of his questions, but (eureka!!!) I came-up with a solution – “Let’s just create it!”. That day I began collecting every bit of available data on the subject, built websites to place it on and I started my 1st animation project. I’ve continue to network information and have simultaneously created over 100 animated projects. I seem to have caught whatever that kid had.

When you get a few minutes enjoy one of my animations to get a feel. Thanks for your support.